Stroke – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Options

causes of stroke and its treatment options

When there is a loss of blood supply in the brain due to some reasons, stroke takes place. The brain stops working and also the parts of body controlled by the brain. Also known as ‘brain attack’ or cerebrovascular accident, there are mainly two kinds of strokes. They are Ischemic stroke and Hemorrhagic Stroke. In the former kind of stroke, only a portion of brain losses the supply of blood while in the latter case bleeding takes place within the brain. Both conditions are critical and require a quick medical intervention. This is a medical emergency and something needs to be done quickly.

What to do when there is a stroke?

If any person shows symptoms of stroke, it is necessary to rush to the hospital. The emergency medical service provider may also arrive at your place to take the person to the hospital. In the hospital it will be determined what kind of brain attack it is. The stroke patient will also be suggested neurologist to treat the brain disorder. Surgery is the best stroke treatment to bring about a quick relief. It is necessary to reach the hospital within 2-3 hours time. When that is done, the medical staff will suggest a medicine to give some relief. This medicine will improve the chance of recovery and help in breaking blood clots in the brain. Patients who don’t receive proper medication have less chance of recovery and there is great chance of brain damage.

The various causes of stroke

Some of the causes of stroke are stated below:

  • As already stated, any loss of blood supply to the brain results to a stroke. Both Ischemia and  Hemorrhage leads to a stroke
  • people who are diabetic or the ones suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol are more likely to get a stroke
  • those who smoke or consume alcohol are more susceptible to stroke
  • people suffering from atrial fibrillation are likely to have a stroke

As per the severity of the condition, the doctor prescribes a series of examinations and also mechanical thrombectomy in order to break the blood clots. But, the procedure needs to be done within 24 hours of stroke.

How to avoid stroke?

Prevention is better than cure. You can always take certain measures to avoid stroke in the first place. Control blood pressure, cholesterol level and give up alcohol and smoking. It is important to exercise regularly and also maintain a healthy weight.

The treatment options

Anyone showing the signs and symptoms of Ischemic stroke may be given radiation therapy treatment along with other treatments. Medication must be administered as soon as possible. Aspirin may be prescribed to thin the blood and break blood clots in the artery. The doctor may prescribe both intravenous drugs and oral drugs depending on the situation of the patient. With medication and surgical procedures, bleeding in the brain can be stopped along with blood clotting to safeguard the brain tissues. The following are the treatment options:

  • If it is hemorrhagic stroke, Endovascular procedure may be prescribed. It is used to stop bleeding and prevent any tissue damage
  • The best treatment for hemorrhagic stroke is definitely a surgery.

Proper rehabilitation is required to recover after the surgery or treatment. You will get support and help from caregiver who would help in daily works. Nursing services at home are highly recommended during this time to avoid any other stroke.

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