Top 10 Companies That Offer Personalized Fashion In The US

Personalized fashion

More than 80% of people want to purchase from companies that offer personalization. Personalised fashion is gaining popularity with multiple brands bringing in new technology and innovation. Customers nowadays decide the kind of fashion they want to wear. This means the customers want to decide which would suit them best. 

However, it is a challenge for companies to offer personalization. Improper implementation of personalization may result in providing too many options to the customers. This may affect the conversion rate of the company. 

Successful brands understand the correct ratio for personalization. It is basically allowing the customers to choose the type of outfit they want. 

Top companies in the US that offer personalization – 

  • The Outnet 

Offering the ability to see how a particular piece of clothing that the owner has, will look with another piece of yet-to-be-brought clothing. The Outnet is an online brand that has the ability to offer this to customers. The company does not limit the mix-and-match facility to just one brand. Being a multi-brand retailing company, The Outnet also offers original products too. 

  • The UBAK 

With around 2 decades of existence, the primary tagline of the company says, “You name it, we will get it for you”. The company offers personalized fashion to fulfil the needs of any customer. Further, the company offers to fulfill any design requirement by the client. A list of never-ending positive reviews only adds to the long list of achievements of this company. 

  • YOOX 

Launched in 2018, this is like a virtual trial room. Designed by the Italian brand, the YOOXMIRROR is AI-powered. The app is a result of the rapid increase in e-commerce. With an option to choose from more than 50,000 different clothes and accessories, YOOX is the best choice for buying personalized fashion wear. 

  • Akkriti 

This sub-brand of Pantaloons provides customers with one of the most friendly experiences when it comes to personalization. The company aims at making shopping a playful and engaging experience for customers. With an experience of 24 years, the company brings ‘of-the-moment’ fashion styles. 


  • Melange 

Lifestyle introduced Melange as its sub-brand which particularly concentrates on ethnic wear. This brand promotes the ability of the user to mix and choose from a number of different brands. Personalization is possible by the users as per their requirements. This increases user engagement. Further, the company has won prestigious awards for best fashion design 5 years in a row. 

  • Aashni + CO

The brand came into existence in 2012, and its sole motive was to provide customers with indo-western clothes. This provides customers with easy options to customize the dresses as per their requirements. The company has one of the best designers from India and Pakistan. Since 2016, the e-commerce platform has increased its customer base tremendously. 

  • Haute Curry 

Promoted by the brand The Shoppers Stop, the brand provides customers the option to select dresses and accessories as per their liking. Although the name looks a bit on the expensive side, the brand has a lot of affordable collections. 

The brand has professional staff who have the ability to understand specific requirements clearly. The first store was set up in 1991, and now there are more than 90 stores across different places. 

  • Aurelia 

An Indian brand that is making its presence felt in the international market. The brand has its roots in traditional wear but makes it look western. Customers have the option to choose from a wide variety such as ethnic gilets, palazzos, and even footwear. The transition from the west inspired looks is seamlessly fused with traditional dresses. 

  • Shree

A brand that is deeply rooted in traditional and ethnic wear. The company provides one of the best fashion opportunities at an affordable cost. With multiple opportunities available for customization, the brand promotes ethnic wear. This could be the one-stop destination for all your ethnic wear requirements. Providing outstanding quality at low prices is one of the biggest advantages of the brand. 

  • Vark

Brought to life by ‘Westside’, this is one of the fastest-growing fashion chains. The main reason for this fast-paced growth is minimal print in combination with exceptional fabric. This gives the users individuality as well as versatility. Options to customize embroidery and shimmer helps in providing customers with truly personalized wear. 

Concluding Thoughts

Finding the right dress is an easy task, however, getting a personalized dress is special. Nowadays customers are more oriented toward making a statement look. Gone are the days when customers wanted to look similar to a celebrity. 

Fashion companies that offer personalization are thriving nowadays. Personalized fashion is the future of the fashion industry. The above list is one of the finest companies that fulfill every expectation of customers. So head to one of these stores and fulfill your wish of making a bold fashion statement. 

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